Intelliview Alarm Verification

Intelliview is a video verification service that relates alarm events with video clips from the security system to our central station. When an alarm is triggered, the operator can view a clip of what caused the alarm as well as live view of the facility. Simultaneously, you will also receive a text message or email with a video link that allows you to view your cameras and view video clip(s) of what caused the alarm. Intelliview system removes the guessing games of what caused the system to go into alarm, allowing for quick direct police dispatch.

Intelliview Guard Tours

Our operators can check cameras in your facility to ensure security.

  • Scheduled Guard Tours
  • Random Guard Tours
  • Automated Guard Tours



Two-Way Voice monitoring is faster and helps reduce false alarms as the operator is instantly communicating with the customer.

We excel in two-way voice monitoring.

This is not a service that all central stations can provide, or provide well. However, we have telephone and wireless cellular communication systems that allows our operators to seamlessly connect to a two-way voice alarm and talk directly with the customer over the speaker at the premise. We have the technology and the scale that allow us to provide this service to tens of thousands of clients.

One element of two-way voice is PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) monitoring.


With years of experience in monitoring Personal Emergency Response System accounts, Intelliguard Security is the industry leader in PERS and medical alert monitoring. We work closely with our customers to customize system  to meet your needs.

As an established PERS monitoring center, Intelliguard Security has created a sophisticated system of receivers, phone, and automation systems that will receive PERS signals from virtually every major PERS or security panel.

These systems enable our highly trained PERS operators to respond quickly and accurately when seconds count.

Intelliguard Security has created a separate PERS division within our central stations that is staffed with highly trained and certified monitoring professionals who specialize in the unique needs of PERS customers and in handling medical alerts.

With thousands of PERS accounts Intelliguard Security understands the needs of seniors who want to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Intelliguard Security has a separate department of dedicated, highly trained, certified PERS operators that quickly and accurately respond to medical alerts and alarms. Our personable operators have the patience and training needed to provide respectful senior care.

We understand in PERS monitoring, lives are at stake, and every second counts. Intelliguard Security is committed to providing the best PERS monitoring service possible. Our Quality Assurance Department listens into calls and evaluates our operators on response times, customer service, professionalism, and empathy. Our PERS operators receive continual training on specific needs of PERS customers.

We feel that our PERS monitoring service is the best in the industry, yet we strive on a daily basis to perfect our performance.


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